Atlases, templates, and phantoms


MIRC has developed a white matter atlas for neuroimaging, and a 3D lesion model for breast imaging.

IIT Human Brain Atlas
MIRC is the home of the IIT Human Brain Atlas. Information about the atlas and other brain templates can be found here. Information about downloading the IIT Human Brain Atlas can be found here.

IIT 3D Breast Lesion Model
MIRC has developed a three-dimensional breast lesion model for use in simulating tumors, with or without spiculation, in breast cancer images. The model uses a Gaussian random spheres (GRS) model to grow the central mass of the tumor, and an iterative fractal branching algorithm to generate random spicules with designated characteristics.
Luis de Sisternes, Adam M. Zysk, Jovan G. Brankov and Miles N. Wernick, “Development of a computational three-dimensional breast lesion phantom model,” Proceedings of the SPIE, vol. 7622, 2010.