Konstantinos Arfanakis


Konstantinos Arfanakis
Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering

office: Room M-102, Suite 100, Technology Business Center
phone: +1 312.567.3864
fax: +1 312.567.8976

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), MRI acquisition and post-processing, diffusion tensor MRI (DTI), functional MRI (fMRI)

B.S., Physics, University of Athens, Greece, 1997
M.S., Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin, 1999
Ph.D., Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin, 2002

Selected papers
K. Arfanakis, D. Cordes, V.M. Haughton, C.H. Moritz, M.A. Quigley, M.E. Meyerand. Combining independent component analysis and correlation analysis to probe interregional connectivity in fMRI task activation datasets. Magn. Reson. Imaging 2000; 18:921-930.

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K. Arfanakis, D. Cordes, V.M. Haughton, J.D. Carew, M.E. Meyerand. Independent component analysis applied to diffusion tensor MRI. Magn. Reson. Med. 2002; 47:354-363.

K. Arfanakis, V.M. Haughton, J.D. Carew, B.P. Rogers, R.J. Dempsey, M.E. Meyerand. Diffusion tensor MRI in diffuse axonal injury. AJNR Am. J. Neuroradiol. 2002; 23:794-802.

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M. Lazar, D.M. Weinstein, J.S. Tsuruda, K.M. Hasan, K. Arfanakis, M.E. Meyerand, B. Badie, H.A. Rowley, V.M. Haughton, A.S. Field, A.L. Alexander. White matter tractography using tensor deflection. Human Brain Mapping 2003; 18:306-321.

K. Arfanakis, A.A. Tamhane, J.G. Pipe, M.A. Anastasio. K-space under-sampling in PROPELLER imaging. Magn. Reson. Med. 2005; 53:675-683.

K. Arfanakis, M. Gui, M. Lazar. Optimization of white matter tractography for pre-surgical planning. Oncology Reports 2006; 15:1061-1064.

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K. Arfanakis, M. Gui, A.A. Tamhane, J.D. Carew. Investigating the Medial Temporal Lobe in Alzheimer’s Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment, with Turboprop Diffusion Tensor Imaging, MRIVolumetry and T2-relaxometry. Brain Imaging and Behavior 2007; 1:11-21.

Book chapters
K. Arfanakis, B.P. Hermann. Diffusion and perfusion MR imaging in seizure disorders. In Clinical MR Neuroimaging: Diffusion, Perfusion and Spectroscopy, Cambridge University Press, 2005, pp 509-520.

V.M. Haughton, C. Moritz, M.E. Meyerand, K. Arfanakis, D. Cordes. Mapping brain function with functional magnetic resonance imaging. In Imaging of the Nervous System: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications, Philadelphia, PA, Elsevier Publishing-Mosby, 2005, pp 89-100.