Kenneth M. Tichauer


Kenneth M. Tichauer
Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Director, Molecular Imaging Laboratory

office: Room M-117, Suite 100, Technology Business Center
phone: +1 312.567.3858
fax: +1 312.567.3225

Molecular imaging, tracer kinetic modeling, cancer research

B.Sc. Physics, University of British Columbia, 2003
Ph.D. Medical Biophysics, University of Western Ontario, 2008

Selected publications
Davis SC, Samkoe KS, Tichauer KM, Sexton KJ, Gunn JR, Deharvengt SJ, Hasan T, Pogue BW. Dynamic dual-tracer MRI-guided fluorescence tomography to quantify receptor density in vivo. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, Epub ahead of print.

Sexton KJ, Tichauer KM, Samkoe KS, Gunn JR, Hasan T, Pogue BW. Fluorescent Affibody peptide penetration in glioma margin is superior to full antibody. PLoS ONE, 8(4):e60390, 2013.

St. Lawrence K, Verdecchia K, Elliott JT, Tichauer KM, Diop M, Hoffman L, Lee T-Y. Modeling of vascular heterogeneity essential for quantifying tumour physiology by dynamic contrast-enhanced near-infrared monitoring. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 58(5):1591-1604, 2013.

Tichauer KM, Holt RW, El-Ghussein F, Davis SC, Samkoe KS, Gunn JR, Leblond F, Pogue BW. A dual-tracer background subtraction approach for fluorescent molecular tomography studies. Journal of Biomedical Optics, 18(1):016003, 2013.

Elliott JT, Wright EA, Tichauer KM, Diop M, Morrison LB, Pogue BW, Lee T-Y, St. Lawrence K. Arterial input function of an optical tracer can be measured from pulse oximetry oxygen saturation measurements. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 57(24):8285-8295, 2012.

Tichauer KM, Samkoe KS, Klubben WS, Hasan T, Pogue BW. Advantages of a dual-tracer model over reference tissue models for binding potential measurement in tumors. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 57(20):6647-6659, 2012.

Basevi HRA, Tichauer KM, Leblond F, Pogue BW, Dehghani H, Guggenheim JA, Holt RW, Styles IB. Compressive sensing based reconstruction in bioluminescence tomography improves image resolution and robustness to noise. Biomedical Optics Express, 3(9):2131-41, 2012.

Tichauer KM, Holt RW, Samkoe KS, El-Ghussein F, Jermyn M, Gunn JR, Dehghani H, Leblond F, Pogue BW. Computed tomography-guided time-domain diffuse fluorescence tomography in small animals for localization of cancer biomarkers. Journal of Visualized Experiments, Jul 17;(65). pii: 4050, 2012.

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Kimberley S. Samkoe, Kristian Sexton, Kenneth M. Tichauer, Shannon K. Hextrum, Omar Pardesi, Scott C. Davis, Julia A. O’Hara, P. Jack Hoopes, Tayyaba Hasan, Brian W. Pogue. High vascular delivery of EGF, but low receptor binding rate is observed in AsPC-1 tumors as compared to normal pancreas. Molecular Imaging and Biology 14(4):472-9, 2012.

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Leblond F, Tichauer KM, Holt RW, El-Ghussein F, Pogue BW. Towards whole-body optical imaging of rats using single-photon counting fluorescence tomography. Optics Letters 36(19):3723-5, 2011. Additionally highlighted in the Optical Society of America’s Spotlight in Optics, Sep. 2011.

Tichauer KM, Migueis M, Leblond F, Elliott JT, Diop M, St. Lawrence K, Lee T-Y. Depth resolution and multiexponential lifetime analyses of reflectance-based time-domain fluorescence data.Applied Optics 50(21):3962, 72, 2011.

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